Why being a Professional Gambler is perfect for traveling

free to travel

Being a professional gambler has many perks. Imagine traveling and not paying for any of your expenses. Professional gamblers are often paid to stay and play at casinos. People have misconceptions of professional gamblers, and it is to be expected. Getting paid to gamble is not exactly portrayed as professional. Outsiders may think a professional gambler does not work at all, this is not true. Professional gamblers work hard to prove they can win almost every game they play. When these players reach a certain point in their career they receive invitations to √Člite and High Roller Clubs. Having a high status in the gambling world is hard to reach and even harder to keep.

Being a professional gambler is perfect for traveling as they are able to see the world while doing what they love. Professional gamblers are not limited to Las Vegas, there are casinos all over the world. With the World Series of Poker, World Poker Tour, and European Poker Tour, we see the different places players are able to travel to. From Aruba to Monaco, players are paid to travel the world to participate in the most exclusive tournaments. An added bonus is any money they do spend on their travels is tax deductible. Just as a business man can deduct his expensive steak dinner, a poker player can deduct his tips to the dealer.
As a professional gambler, you are invited into some of the most exclusive and private sections of casinos around the world. The everyday gambler can only dream of entering these areas, and they are not passing around free soda. These private high-stake clubs for the most elite players offer the most luxurious experiences when it comes to gambling. If you become a top pro player casinos know you by name and your favorite drink to sip on. Just as a big spender in Neiman Marcus is greeted with their favorite glass of champagne and a private dressing room; a professional gambler is greeted with secret entrances to the top gambling rooms around the world.
Professional gambling is not an optimal career choice; many times it is discovered. Professional gamblers begin by playing just as any other Joe Schmoe in the casino, only to find out they are very good. Online gambling allows players to gamble from anywhere in the world, and many professional gamers are discovered through online casinos. Once these top players become discovered by gambling gurus, they enter one of the most exclusive worlds known to gamblers. A world most can only dream of, filled with luxurious travel and gaming, players are never treated less than VIP. Being a professional gambler is perfect for travel because they are able to visit desirable destinations while doing what they love most.