Northern Thailand’s National Parks and Places of Beauty

Thailand has always been a place of natural beauty. It has been something the Thai people have kept a hold of over the years. Although in the south many high demand lands in the tourist areas have been over run by new builds for 5 star hotels and resorts the north has sustained far less cultural damage.

Some of the top national parks include:


Doi Inthanon National Park

The park covers almost 482 squared KM of land and is also Thailand’s tallest point. There are over 300 different types of birds living in and around the land. Though out Doi Inithanon there are many species of animals sill present that are much rarer to see else where.

Do Suthep

Is the iconic location for chiang mai. It is located on the peak of the mountain doi suthep. At the peak you will find the temple but only before you scale the massive amount of stairs leading up to it.

Sri Lanna National Park


The park is located at the beginnings of the mea ping river, on the boarder of mea ngud, chiang Dao and Mea Taeng forests. This is the perfect location to relax and explore the country away from the busy city. There are large lakes around that host floating houses where you can stay the night. During the day you are able to go canoeing, swimming or fishing.

Ob Luang National Park

This park is located around 100 kilometers outside of the city. There are pleanty of tour operators and car hire services that can arrange for you to travel there. Personally I prefer the car rental option as it allows me to stay or go when I please. Generally you can pick up a car for the day for around 1200-1500 THB.  You can also carry alot more of your things with you.

Though out Ob Luang Park is a vast veriety of wildlife including 100s of different types of birds and animals. These include, snakes, wild boar, bats and butterflys. Be sure to pack your camera as you will want to stay and capture as many pretty pictures as possible to take home with you.