Adventure Travel Advice – What you need to know

For some people, the idea of the perfect vacation is sunning themselves at a resort, and doing nothing but relaxing. Other people find that type of vacation a bit on the boring side, and need an adrenaline rush. If you are planning an adventure vacation, there are a few tips that you should know. Taking an adventure vacation is different than a relaxing vacation, and certain precautions need to be taken.


Before you leave for your adventure vacation, you should make copies of important documents, such as your license, passport, and vehicle documents. If these things are lost, stolen, or damaged during your trips, the copies will make replacing these documents much easier. If you are heading to a very hot climate, you should keep the copies in plastic bag to keep the perspiration from ruining the ink on the documents.

Telephone Numbers

Most people keep all of their friends and family’s phone numbers in their phone. Many people do not even know these numbers by heart, since they are stored in their phone. Before you leave for your adventure vacation, it is a good idea to write down important phone numbers. If you lose your phone, or it is stolen, you will still be able to keep in contact with your loved ones. You should also write down the number to call if your credit cards are stolen, and a number for the police and ambulance.


It is a good idea to label all of your belongings. Everything from your suitcases, to your carry on bags need to have your name securely attached. It is a good idea, however, not to have your name in open view, for anyone to see. This can be dangerous, especially if you are traveling alone.

Protecting Your Valuables

When you are traveling, it is very important to keep your cash, checks, credit cards, passport, and driver’s license safe. You should avoid keeping your things in a purse or bag which hangs on your shoulder. This type of bag can be stolen very easily in a crowd. Your valuables will be much safer in a money belt, chest pouch, fanny pack, or on the inside pocket of your jacket or shirt.

When you stop to take a break, it is important not to leave your bag on the floor, on a chair, or unattended. This makes it very easy for someone to steal it. The best place for your bag is on the floor, with the strap wrapped around your foot.


It is important to keep your money safe while on your adventure trip. Placing money in various different places, such as your bag, your coat pocket, and in the hotel safe is a good idea. If someone were to steal your money from one place, you will have more stashed in other places.

It is a good idea to keep your credit card with you, or use traveler’s checks just in case there is an emergency.

Adventure Travel Insurance

It is important when taking an adventure trip to have travel insurance. This insurance will cover any medical expenses incurred during your trip. Adventure vacations can be dangerous, and many insurance plans do not cover you if you are out of the country. This insurance will also cover for emergency travel services, and trip interruption. You likely paid a great deal for your vacation, and you would be reimbursed should you need to cut the trip short. The best part about adventure travel insurance is that gives you peace of mind during your trip.

Adventure vacations can be extremely fun and exciting. It is important to follow the above tips, in order to make sure that your trip is not spoiled.